Rockville, MD, Jan. 4, 2021 – The Institute for Advanced Clinical Trials for Children (I-ACT for Children) today announced the appointment of two new members to its Board of Directors: Max Coppes, M.D., Ph.D., MBA, FAAP and Jeff Barrett, Ph.D., FCP.

Max J. Coppes, M.D., Ph.D., M.B.A. is Nell J. Redfield Chair of Pediatrics at the University of Nevada Reno School of Medicine, Physician-in-Chief of Renown Children’s Hospital, and Cancer Center Director at Renown Institute for Cancer. He has studied and practiced all over the world, including the Netherlands, France, and Canada, in addition to the United States. Dr. Coppes just finished 7 years as a board member of Princess Máxima Center for Childhood Cancer in the Netherlands, and he has served in multiple national and international leadership positions, including the Board of the International Society for Pediatric Oncology (SIOP).

Jeff Barrett Ph.D., FCP, is Senior Vice-President at the Critical Path Institute and currently serves as Executive Director of the Rare Disease Cures Accelerator, Data Analytics Platform. Previously, he was Head of Quantitative Sciences at the Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute, Vice President of Translational Informatics at Sanofi Pharmaceuticals, and spent over 10 years at the University of Pennsylvania where he was Professor, Pediatrics and Director, Laboratory for Applied PK/PD at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

“We are proud to welcome Max Coppes and Jeff Barrett,” said Edward Connor, M.D., MBE, FAAP and Chair of I-ACT for Children’s Board of Directors. “Each of these two new members brings a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities associated with pediatric drug development. I strongly believe that their experience will help shape the future of our organization and directly impact our mission of improving disease outcomes in children through timely access to treatments enabled by more efficient pediatric drug development.”

“Because of their tremendous experience working in the development of innovative therapeutic solutions in pediatrics, these two distinct professionals will add tremendous value to the future of I-ACT For Children,” said CEO Alexandre Lebeaut, M.D. “I look forward to working with all of our board members to advance our programs and initiatives to fulfill our mission.”

Board members serve three-year terms overseeing I-ACT for Children strategic plans and organizational governance while also supporting its mission, vision, and values. Find a full list of the I-ACT For Children Board of Directors here.

About I-ACT for Children

I-ACT for Children is a not-for-profit entity whose mission is to serve the pediatric community as an independent and connected organization to accelerate the clinical development of innovative therapeutic solutions to improve health outcomes in children.

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