Impact Stories

These stories show IACT4C’s strong commitment to advancing and expediting pediatric drug development for the benefit of children. We begin with a story that illustrates the sense of urgency surrounding pediatric drug development, followed by stories capturing the power of innovation, enhanced education, and quality improvement.  These stories are proof of IACT4C’s unwavering commitment to supporting the pediatric ecosystem in advancing pediatric drug development for the benefit of children.

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Why the Urgency: A Story Of Heartbreak & Hope

A little boy was born with eyes full of curiosity and innocence yet with a life-threatening rare condition. His parents, filled with hope, learned of a groundbreaking clinical trial that could offer him a chance at life. But the trial was delayed. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and in the agonizing wait, the parents lost their precious son. His laughter, his first steps, and his dreams were lost from the world.

Two years later, in the same family, another child, a girl, was born with the same rare condition. But this time, the story was different. The trial was underway, and she was enrolled. Today, that little girl is a thriving 12-year-old; her life is a testament to what can be achieved with a timely trial.  She laughs, she plays, and she dreams — her life is a story of triumph against the odds.

Thought Leadership

IACT4C convened a cross stakeholders forum to examine the importance of including adolescents in adult clinical trials when they are medically and scientifically sound and ethically justified. The resulting position paper advanced the inclusion of adolescent patients in adult clinical trials to accelerate the development of new treatments for this population.

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Preparing the Next Generation of Researchers

Patient safety, data and regulatory integrity are vital for pediatric research and drug development. In addition, research staff turnover and onboarding new staff at research centers are consistent challenges. IACT4C’s mentorship program addresses these vital areas of research and challenges by pairing seasoned professional researchers. The Program has proven highly successful, as evidenced by self-reported competency improvements.

Page 3 Impact Team High Fiving
  • 60% study start-up competency
  • 80% IRB submissions
  • 40% study budget processes
  • 60% Sponsor/CRO communication strategies
“Being part of the I-ACT4C mentorship program has helped my professional
growth by allowing me to learn from experienced research professionals.”
Shannon Cearley
Prisma Health

Quality Improvement

IACT4C QI initiatives enhance the site’s ability to conduct pediatric research studies effectively, ultimately leading to faster and more efficient delivery of potential treatments for pediatric patients. This approach benefits the children involved in clinical trials and contributes to the broader goal of improving healthcare outcomes for all pediatric populations. Through collaboration and support, IACT4C drives positive change in the field of pediatric research and helps to bring about advancements in the care and treatment of children.

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“I-ACT4C helped our site work strategically, improving our study feasibility
and start-up process. Collaboration with I-ACT4C and the other sites was
extremely valuable. We are thankful for the groundwork we received.”
Dr. Sullivan
Norton Children's Hospital