Learning Center

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Learning Center

IACT4C ensures that clinical sites remain at the forefront of quality and trial readiness by providing continuous education and training.

This proactive approach is crucial in the fast-paced realm of medical advancements, where timely access to innovative treatments can make a significant difference in the lives of children. The comprehensive strategy that includes regular calls with all sites featuring guest speakers, Educational Webinars, and Pediatric Research Innovation Forums, among others, fosters an environment of shared knowledge and continuous improvement. The collaboration with the Pediatric Research Site Network (PRSN) to drive quality improvement initiatives is a strategic move to accelerate the delivery of new medicines and devices to sick children of all ages.


Pediatric Forums

Exchange of ideas on cutting-edge research & innovation in pediatric drug development.


Best Practice

Identifying & sharing best practices in the conduct of pediatric clinical research.


Mentorship Program

Aimed at supporting & expanding the next generation of pediatric researchers.


Educational Webinars

Focused on the latest in pediatric clinical trials innovation & research.


Quality Improvement

Continuous actions to improve the conduct of pediatric clinical trials.

Educational Resources

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Webinars are supported through an Educational Grant from Gilead Science.

Educational Webinars

Pediatric Cell and Gene Clinical Research

Consenting & Assenting in Pediatric Clinical Research

Strategies for Improving Study Start-up Timelines

Building a Culture of Clinical Research

Why Pediatric Trials Need to Grow Up

Enhancing Site and Sponsor Relationships

Kids are Not Small Adults

Decentralized Clinical Trials

Remote Monitoring

Pediatric Clinical Trial Budgets

Coverage Analysis

Electronic Informed Consent

Recruitment and Retention Clinical Research Staff

Research Compliance No Tears Approach

Fair Market Value - Impact on Pediatric Clinical Trial Budgets

Guest Speakers


Quality management with QA (assurance), QC (control) and improvement. Standardization and certification concept. Compliance to regulations and standards. Concept with manager or auditor.

Pediatric Regulations