Report Published from I-ACT for Children's Innovation Forum on Inclusion of Adolescents in Adult Clinical Trials

I-ACT for Children is focused on innovation in clinical trials as a means to facilitate pediatric medicines development. The report of a recent conference on the inclusion of adolescents in adult clinical trials has now been published in the journal Therapeutic Innovation and Regulatory Science.

Noel, G.J., Nelson, R.M., Bucci-Rechtweg, C. et al. Inclusion of Adolescents in Adult Clinical Trials: Report of the Institute for Advanced Clinical Trials for Children's Pediatric Innovation Research Forum. Ther Innov Regul Sci (2021)

The Mission of I-ACT for Children is

Our mission is to expedite the development and approval of safe, effective pediatric therapeutics to ensure every child has access to the treatment they need with the same urgency afforded to adults. Our work encompasses research, advocacy, education, and collaboration, all targeted towards improving pediatric treatment availability and safety standards.

Antibacterial Forum Information/Explanation

Pediatric Trials face many hurdles that adult trials do not. Because of this, pediatric trials often take longer and fail more frequently.

Of drugs used in children






Used in neonates


Are prescribed off-label, without adequate data.

Innovative drug development in pediatrics remains slow and inefficient.

We act because every child with a medical need deserves the best chance possible. That chance depends on a commitment to innovation, quality and urgency in advancing medical therapies specifically for children.

How I-ACT for Children is Improving Pediatric Clinical Trials

We lead and participate in cross-sector teams that streamline and improve clinical trial processes to enhance the quality, timeliness and impact of regulatory-quality data and reduce administrative burden.