Mission, Vision & Values



To serve as a neutral and independent organization on behalf of children everywhere, bringing a dedicated voice to the advancement of new medicines and devices needed now and in the future.  Our work is to engage public and private stakeholders through research and education to ensure that healthcare for children is continually improved by enhancing the awareness, quality and support for pediatric clinical trials.



We act because every child with a medical need deserves the best chance possible. That chance depends on a commitment to innovation, quality and urgency in advancing medical therapies specifically for children.



  • Children’s unmet medical needs drive our agenda and all of our work supports the development of innovative medicines and devices for children that are most needed to improve and preserve children’s health and wellness.
  • We are an independent voice in innovative medicines and devices development, focused on optimal impact on child health.
  • We are collaborative and synergistic with other elements of the clinical research ecosystem – finding common ground and aligning common values, with children at the center.
  • Our standards are grounded in regulatory requirements, providing the basis upon which we work with others to deliver scientifically strong, clinically relevant and ethically sound advice and manage high-quality, timely conduct of clinical trials.
  • We are focused on creating actionable data – meaning data that can be utilized to improve the safe and effective use of therapies, support robust regulatory submissions and enhance the information used by pediatric healthcare providers.
  • Because children are waiting, we must shorten the time it takes to bring innovative medicines and devices to them. Streamlining operations, reducing burdensome processes and optimizing the use of resources are fundamental principles that guide us.
  • We are committed to utilizing innovative clinical trials design and execution to maximize the value and impact of clinical trials for children’s health.